Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Tommaso Gesuato

I grew up in Padova, a small city in the north east of Italy. 
During adolescence, I tried the first real feeling of freedom riding the skateboard.
Whenever I get hurt, I took the camera and spent the afternoons photographing friends. 
For the first time, I can create something from nothing, without hurting me.
I continued the way of photography with Isfav, Institute of Photography and Visual Arts.
A student grant gives me the possibility of meeting and collaborating for 9 months with Oliviero Toscani. 
After I moved to Milan to work with Giovanni Gastel, a fashion photographer of international fame, for 3 years.
I’m currently working in Milan.
Not being able to communicate in other ways, I take a lot of photos or I think how to do it.


Borsalino, Nike, Ray-ban, Kartell, Bottega Veneta, Sephora, Fc Inter,,,, Optissimo, Avanzi, Ultrachic,  Meltin'pot, Redbull, 

Fai (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), Rai (Orchestra Sinfonica Italiana), Rossignoli, Macro Beats, Xfactor, Nine in the morning, Rubner, Dell'Oglio, Allison, Lavazza, Luisa via Roma 





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